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About the Department

Since its inception in the year 1970, the PG & Research Department of Englishtakesutmost efforts to make the students competent in the linguistic performance by focusing on skill acquisition through peer teaching-learning, practical sessions and soft skills in the regular curriculum. It aspires to offer holistic education by teaching and training the students in using English effectively, making them employable, and leading them to the total formation of themselves within the human community in accordance with the vision of higher education.The Department of English enjoys the status of being the Research center by the inception of the M.Phil., English Degree Course in the year 2006. This status has been conferred by Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal. The Department of English enjoys the special status of being the only department that has contact with every student at the undergraduate level. The starting of Part – II (English) in 1970, B.A., (English) in 1980, M.A., (English) in 2006 and M.Phil.,in 2007 considerably enhanced the prestige and the importance of the Department. Under the autonomous set up, with its own Board of Studies, the Department has been periodically revising and updating the syllabi for the courses including socially relevant and job-oriented subjects and papers which have gained importance in academic circles.

Department Vision :

The Department of English strives to impart comprehensive knowledge of the various aspects of English Literature through a competent and cutting-edge curriculum and prepare the students for various professions.

Department Mission :

To empower the students with language skills and soft skills.
To organize intellectually stimulating programmes, workshops and seminars every year on varioustopicsinEnglish Literature. 
To get them acquainted with the recent trends and theories of English Language and Literature. 
To introduce them to the philosophy and mechanics of research.
To familiarize them with the theories of literature, and help them acquire both theoretical thrust and hands-on experience in writing research papers and theses.
To train them in the methods and skills of independent academic and research work through projects, assignments, seminars, research papers and projects. 
To expose the students to the imperatives of careers by training them in various fields including preparing them for the NET/SET examinations.

Courses Offered

B.A English Literature  (Aided)
3 Years
B.A. English Literature (SF)3 Years
M.A English Literature (SF)
2 Years

Faculty Members

1Dr.P.Selvi , M.A., M.Phil.,B.Ed,.CGT.,Ph.DHead & Associate ProfessorView Profile
2Dr.P.Vanitha, M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.DAssociate ProfessorView Profile
3Dr. C.Priya, M.A.,M.Phil., PGDHM.,Ph.D
Assistant ProfessorView Profile
4Dr. T.Chandra, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.DAssistant ProfessorView Profile
5Mrs. L.Karthiyayini, M.A., M.Phil.,B.Ed.,M.Sc.(Psy.),(Ph.D)Assistant Professor
View Profile
6Dr. V.Jothimanai, M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.DAssistant Professor
View Profile
7Miss. E. Manimegalai, M.A., B.Ed., M.PhilAssistant Professor
View Profile
8Mrs.M.Dhanalakshmi, M.A., M.PhilAssistant Professor
View Profile
9Mrs.N.Nagapushpam, M.A., M.Phil ,D.T.Ed.,(Ph.d)Assistant ProfessorView Profile
10Dr.C.Selvi, M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.DAssistant Professor
View Profile
11Mrs.T.Parani, M.A., M.Phil.,NETAssistant Professor
View Profile
12Miss.M.Karthigai Priya, M.A.,NETAssistant Professor
View Profile